It's easy to accept what is, so we don't pay much attention to easy. There's nothing inspiring about easy.
There are no legacies attached to easy.

To innovate, is to embrace a lifestyle of opposing paradigms and standards. It’s a lifestyle in which the challenge and achievement of innovation is both motivation and reward.

To innovate is to honour the greatness from all cultures and times, and to create something new through a perspective that is solely yours.

To innovate means accepting the responsibility and privilege of being future pioneers.


Innovate Living is a heart and soul developer focussing on boutique lifestyle and meaningful design in the experience creation space. We choreograph the distinct and the exceptional for those who want the best of everything because of our refusal to compromise on beauty.

We are careful in our selections, pursuing projects that matter and experiences that alter your world, always through a lens of well-being. This attitude pervades all aspects of who we are, both internally and externally.

Enriching lives is the maxim that underpins everything we do. In a city where luxury is typically overstated, Innovate Living has become synonymous with contemporary minimalist developments characterised by a distinctive approach and absolute empathy with the individual.

We commit detailed research on the material mix for each project and seek to bring only original ‘not-done-before’ design concepts to the region. Our aim is to create more than just physical spaces but feelings, stories and lasting impressions that breathe life into each client’s vision.



To create the never before

Whether conceiving, sculpting, or accommodating, Innovate Living’s future success will be inscribed by the original splendour we create now.



For those who know, we know

We are committed to the art of spatial wellbeing — shaping and crafting spaces, places and experiences that warrant both distinction and discretion.

We are Confident by being Astute.

We are Inventive by being Artistic

Our collective imagination is limitless — where together we need never stop exploring new ways for bringing originality to life. For us, expression is everything. It is the creative embodiment of our philosophy and spirit.
We are Confident by being Astute.

We are Confident by being Astute

A curator of serenity, our expertise enriches experiences with masterful precision and finesse. Expressive intelligence marries sensitivity and craftsmanship —producing diamond-tipped clarity, authenticity and meaning.
We are Enlightened by being Refined.

We are Enlightened by being Refined

Innate discernment and skilful execution: best expressed through deep appreciation, empowerment and a shared willingness to craft lasting significance. Whether subtle or profound, elegance knows no bound — projecting beauty and grace across every occurrence.
We are Resolute by being Bold.

We are Resolute by being Bold

Zealous custodians to the very principles of distinction, we are unfaltering in our commitment to the exceptional. Confident, purposeful and unwavering — we never compromise on sensibility and virtuosity.
Our Ceo


If your ambition is to construct properties and developments of unparalleled design and quality, then you want to be in Dubai.

You want to be in a city that seemingly has it all, and yet wants more.

It’s the ultimate test of will and ingenuity, and it’s the perfect backdrop for the Innovate Living story.

In a city like this, if you can authentically surprise a homeowner or developer with the scale of your originality, then you are playing with something undeniably special.

If you can bring beauty to life with meaning and consistency, then you are truly contributing to your community and world.

These challenges and these opportunities keep the halls of our design studios and offices humming with creativity.

They keep me, and our entire team, focused and humbled.

For it’s truly a blessing to create in a place like this, on a scale like this, for people from all over the world.

Kareem Fahmy

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Address: Office 1901, Al Habtoor Business Tower
Dubai Marina, P.O. Box 119660, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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