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Beauty has a substantial role to play in all of our projects. It’s the glue, the promise of happiness and a vision of what life should be like.

At Innovate Living we take beauty not as a luxury but as an essential form of well-being. The spaces we create, live and operate in ultimately decide who we are, and therefore heavily influence our approach.

What we harness from beauty is a particular way of life, an elevated vision of success, an attitude we’re both attracted to and embody.

At Innovate Living we are, and will always be passionate about choreography, meaningful architecture and design-led development.



Innovate Development oversees each project, carefully guiding the designers, contractors and other collaborators involved to consistently exceed the standards of the day.

Our philosophy permeates every decision and action during the development of the property, and we work rigorously with established international suppliers and locally sourced talent, to craft developments that are both unique and exact manifestations of each project’s vision.



The Innovate Project Development team manage the entire planning, design and build methodology end-to-end with specialised techniques and exemplary standards of workmanship.

The direction and coordination of human and material resources throughout the life of a project is something we practice with precision, as well as fluidity. This ensures we have full and proper control of a project’s timings, cost and grade.

Innovate Living project managers and site engineers directly liaise with contractors and consultants, acting on behalf of clients to manage full delivery and quality assurance. We engage with a range of traditional and innovative methods of construction to suit each unique development in our portfolio.


Interior Design Studio

Innovate Living’s Design Studio is where ideas become meticulous details and visions become blueprints.

Styling, interior decoration, dressing of show apartments and architectural services methodically manifest from this department and provides each project with the exact design and executional roadmap.



The Innovate Living Creative Agency is where the loftiest and most ambitious of ideas are visualised and planned for development.

A range of specialties and services exist within the studio’s walls, including marketing ideation and branding.

Here is where the beauty, feelings and impressions of each unique development originate, and always come full circle.

This division only services projects owned by Innovate Living.


Maintenance & fit out

Innovate Home is a professional maintenance and fit out company that provides a complete range of services including AC installation, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, painting, masonry, general DIY, cleaning services and full interior fit out.

We are committed to providing clients with a high quality, professional service with an efficient and dedicated team.

Contact Us

Address: Office 1901, Al Habtoor Business Tower
Dubai Marina, P.O. Box 119660, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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